Fun Days

The ever-changing landscape of Hong Kong’s wilderness is full of opportunities for adventures! The Hong Kong Wilderness Training Centre has an entire team of professional guides and instructors, who organize fun days regularly. If you are one of those who simply love a little outdoor challenge every once in a while, come join us!
Rock Climbing Fun Days
– Canyoning Fun Days
– Tree Climbing Fun Days

Rock Climbing Fun Days

There are tens of natural climbing walls in Hong Kong – ever dreamed of safely scaling them in mid-air? We are organizing rock climbing fun days regularly. If you wanna show your skills on the walls, come join us!!
Fee: $200 (climbing equipment included)

Canyoning Fun Days

Summer is upon us! Wanna give it a fresh welcome? How about trying out the cool and challenging canyoning for a change? There are so many streams and rivers in Hong Kong’s wilderness, what “canyoning” does is that it takes you into these streams, and let you abseil the full lengths of their waterfalls with a rope! Our fun days include a small hike, waterfall-abseiling, and zip-lining – we bet at least one of those would suit you!
Fee: $500 (canyoning equipment included)

Tree Climbing Fun Days

The sport of tree climbing is getting more and more fashionable – besides its techniques being increasingly applied to work settings in Hong Kong, there have also been numbers of international tree climbing competitions. If you would like to know more about the fun of tree climbing, we hereby invite you to join our Tree Climbing Fun Days! These fun days are organized and run by current tree-workers, so besides enjoying the fun side of it, you may also get a more in-depth look into the current state of the tree-climbing industry in Hong Kong!
Fee: $300 (climbing equipment included)

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