What is this fun day all about?

Summer is upon us! Wanna give it a fresh welcome? How about trying out the cool and challenging canyoning for a change? There are so many streams and rivers in Hong Kong’s wilderness, what “canyoning” does is that it takes you into these streams, and let you abseil the full lengths of their waterfalls with a rope! Our fun days include a small hike, waterfall-abseiling, and zip-lining – we bet at least one of those would suit you!

Sign Up Details:

Fee: $8800/group (canyoning equipment included)
Private event: 10 persons(Maximum)
Time :0900 – 1600
Location : Ma On Shan, Tai Po

Participant Qualifications:
– Participants must be aged 18 or above
– No prior climbing/mountaineering experience is required, although the event will demand some level of physical fitness on the part of the participants
Sign up: Please email or whatsapp us(62389161) for booking