HKRU Basic and Advanced Rope Technician Courses

The HKWTC is providing Rope Technician Training Courses, sanctioned by the Hong Kong Rope Union.

HKRU Basic & Advanced Rope Technician Courses

– to promote rope techniques under a safe environment,
– to help participants learn the concepts and techniques of different descending methods,
– to allow participants experience the fun of rope activities,
– to strengthen participants’ sense of safety during rope activities,
– to introduce students to the techniques of switching between rope ascent and descent,
– to establish in participants the basic skills needed for them to become assistant rope technique instructors.

Course Content
– introduction to HKRU,
– history of rope techniques development in HK,
– site safety zones (safe zone, protection zone, operation zone),
– introduction to basic gear,
– basic knots and hitches,
– descending techniques,
– descending, breaking, and locking techniques,
– firemen belay,
– introduction to the duties of HKRU instructors and assistant instructors,
– introduction to advanced gear,
– introduction to advanced knots and hitches,
– top rope rigging system,
– basic anchor setting.

During Practice
– site zoning (safe, protection, operation),
– putting on personal protective equipment,
– self- and buddy-check,
– practicing basic knots and hitches,
– practicing descending techniques,
– firemen belay,
– descending, breaking, and locking,
– practicing advanced knots and hitches,
– basic anchor setting,
– top rope system setting,
– descending and ascending a rope,
– switching between descending and ascending.

HKRU Basic Rope Technician Certificate
HKRU Advanced Rope Technician Certificate
(Two certificates in total)

Timetable, Fees, and Sign Up Details

Teaching hours: 0930-1730 (two days in total)
Venue: Shek O, Kowloon Peak, etc.


You can enjoy further discounts if you request for private classes (with at least 10 students per class); classes are to be held on weekdays.
Please contact us if you would like to arrange for private classes.

Upon completing the courses and passing the exams, you can apply for:
– HKRU Basic Rope Technician Certificate
– HKRU Advanced Rope Technician Certificate
(Two certificate in total)
Application and administration fees: $100/cert.

*Lectures will be held on site*
*All equipment needed for this course will be provided by HKWTC*

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