HKRU Basic and Advanced Rope Technician Courses

The HKWTC is providing Rope Technician Training Courses, sanctioned by the Hong Kong Rope Union.

HKRU Basic & Advanced Rope Technician Courses

– to promote rope techniques under a safe environment,
– to help participants learn the concepts and techniques of different descending methods,
– to allow participants experience the fun of rope activities,
– to strengthen participants’ sense of safety during rope activities,
– to introduce students to the techniques of switching between rope ascent and descent,
– to establish in participants the basic skills needed for them to become assistant rope technique instructors.

Course Content
– introduction to HKRU,
– history of rope techniques development in HK,
– site safety zones (safe zone, protection zone, operation zone),
– introduction to basic gear,
– basic knots and hitches,
– descending techniques,
– descending, breaking, and locking techniques,
– firemen belay,
– introduction to the duties of HKRU instructors and assistant instructors,
– introduction to advanced gear,
– introduction to advanced knots and hitches,
– top rope rigging system,
– basic anchor setting.

During Practice
– site zoning (safe, protection, operation),
– putting on personal protective equipment,
– self- and buddy-check,
– practicing basic knots and hitches,
– practicing descending techniques,
– firemen belay,
– descending, breaking, and locking,
– practicing advanced knots and hitches,
– basic anchor setting,
– top rope system setting,
– descending and ascending a rope,
– switching between descending and ascending.

HKRU Basic Rope Technician Certificate
HKRU Advanced Rope Technician Certificate
(Two certificates in total)

Timetable, Fees, and Sign Up Details

Teaching hours: 0930-1730 (two days in total)
Venue: Shek O, Kowloon Peak, etc.

Fees:$9,000(Maximum 5 People)
Fees:$18,000(Maximum 5 People)

Upon completing the courses and passing the exams, you can apply for:
– HKRU Basic Rope Technician Certificate
– HKRU Advanced Rope Technician Certificate
(Two certificate in total)
Application and administration fees: Free.

*Lectures will be held on site*
*All equipment needed for this course will be provided by HKWTC*

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