Rock Climbing Certificate Courses

What is “Rock Climbing”?

Here, rock climbing refers to what is commonly called “traditional climbing”, which is a form of climbing on natural rock cliffs. When she is climbing, the climber will place equipment into places such as gaps between rocks, or around tree trunks, in order to establish “temporary anchors” for belaying herself; as these anchors will be removed after the climb, traditional climbing has less impact on the cliff face, when compared to other forms of climbing.

Level I Rock Climbing Certificate Courses

HKWTC is an affiliate of the CHKMCU, and we offer its Level I Rock Climbing courses. Level I classes are all about the fundamentals, in which we try to give our students a general idea of what sport climbing is like. Course contents include the introduction to climbing gears, the use of climbing knots, climbing commands, belay skills, and so on. During the classes, students would be required to climb on climbing walls, while being belayed by ropes and harnesses.

Course Objectives
– Learn the history of the CHKMCU
– Learn the history and development of rock climbing activities in HK
– Learn the fundamentals of “rock climbing” as a sport
– Learn the ways personal protection equipment is to be used and maintained
– Learn basic climbing techniques
– Experience repel

– 3 hours
– Introduction to CHKMCU
– Introduction to Hong Kong rock climbing’s history
– Introduction to Hon Kong’s climbing walls
– Explaining top-rope climbing
– Introduction to rope and safety equipment
– Introduction to the use and maintenance of personal protection equipment
– Introduction to knots (figure-of-eight, figure-of-eight follow through)
– Rock climbing safety
– “Leave No Trace” principles
– Rules for students

Practice Sessions
– 8 hours
– Warm up and stretching
– Climbing commands
– Explaining basic climbing techniques
– Explaining belay methods
– Introducing repel techniques

– Students must have 100% attendance
– Instructors will observe students’ performances continually throughout the classes, students can only obtain the certificates after they have passed the relevant evaluations.

Participant Requirements:
– must be 12 years or older
– participants under 18 need to obtain a signed consent from parents or guardians
Certificates issued by

Class Schedules and Sign-up Details:

Class Schedule for Level I Rock Climbing:

We only accept the application for the package, 8 people can be, the time and place can be customized, please apply at least one month before the start of the class.

Fee: $700/person

Teaching hours: 0900-1700 (Lectures and Practice Sessions will be held on the same day)

Students completing the course can obtain the following certificates:
– Level I Rock Climbing Certificate, CHKMCU (certificates’ application fees $100/each)

Teaching Language:
Lectures and outings are, in general, carried out in Cantonese.
However, if you would like to take a class in English or Mandarin, send us a request, and we can arrange one for you!

If you are interested in taking this course, please fill out the Online Sign-up Form. And before filling out the form, please read through the Important Notice.
We just accept private class, and select your own dates for lectures and outings – send us a message if you are interested!

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