Rock Climbing Fun Days


What is this fun day all about?

There are tens of natural climbing walls in Hong Kong – ever dreamed of safely scaling them in mid-air? We are organizing rock climbing fun days regularly. If you wanna show your skills on the walls, come join us!

Sign Up Details:

Fee: $4500/group (climbing equipment included)
Quota: 10 persons (maximum)
Participant Qualifications:
– Participants must be aged 18 or above
– No prior climbing/mountaineering experience is required, although the event will demand some level of physical fitness on the part of the participants
Sign up: Please email or whatsapp us(62389161) for booking; and before you do, please read through the Important Notes.
You can request for a private event, with the time and dates of your choosing. Feel free to Contact Us if you are interested.

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