Training Certification Courses

Teams of professional rope technique instructors at the HKWTC provide the following courses:
CHKMCU Levels I, II, & III Mountain Crafts Certificate Courses
– HKRU Basic and Advanced Rope Technician Courses
– CHKMCU Rope Access Certification Courses

CHKMCU Levels I, II, & III Mountain Crafts Certificate Courses

Even though Hong Kong covers such a small area, its land is coated by hills of all sizes; if one looks carefully, one can always find a quiet spot that is hidden away from the crowd, to enjoy the beauty of the Nature. However, while reveling in the excitement of exploring the wilderness, what should you do to ensure that you can get home safely afterwards?(Learn more

HKRU Basic and Advanced Rope Technician Courses

Course Objectives:
– to promote rope techniques under a safe environment,
– to help participants learn the concepts and techniques of different descending methods,
– to allow participants experience the fun of rope activities,
– to strengthen participants’ sense of safety during rope activities,
– to introduce students to the techniques of switching between rope ascent and descent…(Learn more

CHKMCU Rope Access Certification Courses

The CHKMCU has established a teaching plan for “rope access training programs”, the aims of which are to promote rope access activities via systematic training, and to improve students’ techniques and sense of rope safety. The course contents are written with references to the standards set by some international organizations, such as UIAA, and have been tailor-made to fit Hong Kong’s unique environment.
The goal of “Rope Access Training Certificate Plan” is to educate rope technicians about the importance of protecting the environment, and the concept of Leave No Trace during rope activities…(Learn more

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